How We Work

How We Work

Our legal team provide you with a clear service.

Although each customer circumstances are different, and depending on the merits of the case it may be appropriate to pursue the matter through the courts, we have extensive experience at dealing with these types of situation.

Initial Assessment

Our initial assessment begins with a telephone conversation to discuss the circumstances surrounding your case and if needs be a review of paperwork.

Meeting in Person

Due to the personal nature of your case we like to arrange a meeting to clarify all the details and have a chance to meet face to face. This we feel gives you the opportunity to see we are an established firm in the City of London capable of handling such serious matters.

We are happy to welcome to visit us at our offices, alternatively if this is inconvenient then we are equally happy to attend a meeting at your premises. Generally this can be arranged within a week, as we do cover the whole of the UK.

The objective of the face to face meeting is to gather further details, prepare a statement and identify the extent of losses. After which, will be in a position to advise you on the potential outcome and offer information as to your available options in taking the matter forward.  At this point we will also inform you of the timescales around those options and the various fees that may apply.

At this stage, we will carry out an initial assessment, and if we feel that you have no grounds to pursue the case we will advise you.

The Claim Process

Once completed, the initial assessment and meeting we will prepare the necessary legal documentation required to pursue the case.

If you require further information please call our office, whereby we will be happy to discuss go through the details with you.

For advice please call us on 0800 774 7400